Orbital Welding

High-Quality Orbital Welding Services:
Repeatable Weld Quality for High Precision, Ultra High Purity Applications

Orbital welding involves mechanically rotating an arc 360° around a static work piece in a continuous, computerized process. These automated runs help reduce operator error, eliminate contamination, maximize weld integrity, and generate consistent, repeatable results.

Apex Precision delivers full service orbital welding services for mission-critical systems spanning the semiconductor, pharmaceutical and microelectronics industries, as well as other ultra high purity applications.

Unique Features of Orbital Welding Services Include:

  • Ultimate Repeatability & Accuracy
  • Smooth, Even Tube Bore
  • Small Heat Affected Areas
  • Elimination of Defects Like Porosity & Cracking
  • Broad Applicability, from Small Tube to Large Pipe Diameters
  • Suited for Cleanroom & High Purity Applications
  • Clean, Crevice-Free Welds
  • Lower Production Costs, Increased Productivity
  • Eliminates Contamination

Orbital Welding Applications Include:

  • Fittings & Tubes
  • Valves, Regulators & Gauges
  • Pressure Transducers
  • Process Piping
  • Gas Panels
  • Internal Regulator & Device Components
  • Fuel Lines
  • Hydraulic Lines & Components

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