Industries Served

Purpose Yields Precision:
We Put Your Application Needs First

A deep understanding of the end application and process requirements of each individual weld drives and informs the high quality precision welding solutions we deliver.

Our application-based knowledge makes us the go-to partner for specialized welding and marking services spanning a diverse range of rigorous applications. From prototype to full production, from delicate medical implants to ultra high purity process equipment, and from cleanroom controlled to on-site services, we satisfy a diversity of welding needs across applications and verticals.

deep application expertise

Applying Deep Application Expertise

When it comes to welding solutions, one size doesn’t fit all. Pairing an arsenal of diverse welding services with a true understanding of the end application of each individual weld, we act as true welding problem solvers.

The Apex Precision team partners with clients to solve the most complex and specialized welding challenges, then executes the optimal solution with unprecedented quality, consistency and turnaround speed.

The Industries We Serve

Semiconductor & UHP

For UHP applications like semiconductor manufacturing, the quality of your welded components is linked to the quality of your end product.


In delicate medical applications, the quality of welded components directly impacts patient quality of life.



For diverse industrial operations, precision welded components must be perfectly optimized for functional needs.

Sensors and Analytical

Sensors & Analytical

For delicate sensors and analytical applications, weld quality drives accuracy and performance.