Sensors & Analytics

Our Precision Powering Yours:
Welding Solutions for Sensors & Analytics Applications

For delicate sensors and analytical applications, weld quality is a critical driver of accuracy and performance.

As a company with extensive experience in solving the most complex welding challenges, we work to understand the performance requirements of your mission-critical sensors, then provide outstanding welding services to deliver them with the highest level of precision.

Providing a full range of welding solutions from laser, to manual, orbital and glovebox, we deliver a diverse spectrum of sensors and analytical components that have been rigorously tested for weld quality and strength.

Like our sensor and analytical clients, we know that powerful possibilities come in small packages. From heat sensors, to flow meters and leak detector components, we deliver a full range of precisely welded components that are optimized to perform.

Our welding services for sensors & analytics applications include:

laser welding

Laser Welding

For automated precision in small and intricate welding applications.

orbital welding

Orbital Welding

For repeatable weld quality with ultra high precision.

manual welding

Manual Metal Arc Welding

For versatile welding delicacy in diverse applications.

glovebox welding

Glovebox Welding

For specialized applications requiring a high purity inert atmosphere.

metallurgical analysis

Metallurgical Analysis

For the rigorous testing and inspection of weld quality.

laser marking

Laser Marking

For etching and engraving with peerless precision and accuracy.