Metallurgical Analysis

Metallurgical Analysis & Testing:
Ensuring Repeatable Quality by Testing Weld Precision & Strength

We perform metallurgical analysis and testing in our 32,000 square foot manufacturing facility, complete with a controlled analytical testing department that closely scrutinizes material selection, joint design, cleanliness and fit-up tolerance throughout the process, and analyzes the strength and precision of each weld.

Apex Precision’s advanced QA technologies ensure the repeatable quality and excellence of all its welding services. We know that small welds have big impact and are therefore dedicated to maintaining the highest possible quality and reliability of every weld, for every client.

Our Metallurgical Analysis Services Include:

  • Tensile Testing
  • Video Inspection
  • Cross Section Polishing
  • Weld Qualification
  • Helium Leak Testing
  • Hydrocarbon Testing
  • Oxygen Analysis
  • Moisture Analysis
  • Particulate Testing

Our Analytical & Testing Equipment Includes:

  • Welch Allen Borescopes with Video
  • RAM Optical CNC Vision Inspection Systems
  • Tinius Olsen Tensile Testing Machines
  • Olympus Vision Inspection Machines
  • Micro-Air Filtration Systems
  • Micro-Vu Vertex Measuring & Vision Systems
  • Leybold Inficon Dry Leak Detectors
  • Pall Moisture Analyzers
  • Ametek Oxygen Analyzers
  • PMS Particle Counters
  • Rosemount Hydrocarbon Analyzers
  • Titan Precision Borescopes

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