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Comprehensive Welding, Marking, and QA Services for Mission-Critical Components

Trust our purpose-driven precision welding services to exceed your expectations for repeatable quality, accuracy, and turnaround speed.

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Focused on Excellence in the Intricacies of Laser Welding

We deliver automated precision for the smallest and most delicate welding applications.

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A New Standard for Precision in Orbital Welding

Our orbital welding services provide repeatable weld quality for ultra high precision, ultra high purity applications.

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Deep Application Expertise in Specialized Glovebox Welding Requirements

We perform high quality glovebox welding services for specialized applications requiring a high purity inert atmosphere.

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Proven Excellence in the Art of Manual Metal Arc Welding

We bring new precision and quality to one of the world’s earliest and most versatile welding techniques.

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Providing Peerless Precision and Accuracy in Laser Marking

We etch and engrave a diverse range of manufactured components with unmatched precision, consistency and accuracy.

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Small Welds Have Big Impact.

Where others see components, we see outcomes: the long-term performance implications and life-changing progress of our clients’ daily work.

Pairing this systems-level perspective with an arsenal of diverse welding services and a deep knowledge of the intricacies of materials and techniques, we act as true welding problem solvers.

Diverse Capabilities for Diverse Demands.

From prototypes to full production, we partner with clients across verticals to solve even the most complex and specialized welding challenges.

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What Our Customers Say

  • “Apex Precision is the easiest vendor I ever dealt with. People are friendly, questions are answered immediately, and the product is always delivered on time.”
  • “The staff is always so helpful, friendly and responsive. I just cannot say enough good things and would highly encourage everyone to use their services.”
  • “Apex Precision is very easy to work with. To be able to pick up the phone or send an email and get a reply quickly, on the spot, is very helpful. The quality of the service they provide also goes a long way.”
  • “Apex Precision is my #1 go-to for all things laser etching, laser welding, or zoomed pictures and measurements. They do amazing work.”

Do You Have a Precision Welding Need?

Purpose yields precision. Tell us your welding project parameters and we will provide our recommendations and a detailed estimate.


Precision in Action

See our commitment to quality through samples of our work.