Giving Precision New Meaning:
Medical Welding Services for Life-Saving Applications

In delicate medical applications, the quality of welded components directly impacts patient quality of life.

As a company experienced in meeting the critical compliance-driven requirements of the medical sector, we are ISO 13485 certified. Apex Precision provides outstanding purpose-driven medical welding services, including laser welding, marking and metallurgical analysis, engineered with an acute understanding of your smallest and most complex welding needs.

Like our medical device clients, we understand that precision impacts outcomes. From medical implants, to precision-engineered instruments, medical prototypes and surgical devices, we deliver a full range of welded components with repeatable precision you can rely on.

Our welding services for medical applications include:

medical welding services laser welding

Laser Welding

For automated precision in small and intricate welding applications.

medical device welding services glovebox welding

Glovebox Welding

For specialized applications requiring a high purity inert atmosphere.

medical welding services Metallurgical Analysis

Metallurgical Analysis

For the rigorous testing and inspection of weld quality.

medical device welding services laser marking

Laser Marking

For etching and engraving with peerless precision and accuracy.